My childhood home is on an island along the Suncoast of Florida. My parents moved there to escape to paradise and raise a family. Living on an island gives you a different perspective: you spend a lot of time outdoors, you tend to view life more from the outside looking in, and you are more easily moved to see things as a whole rather than in pieces. Yet, “no man is an island entire of itself; every man is a part of the continent, a part of the main.”(Donne, 1624). So as I matured, I joined the mainlanders and learned to do as mainlanders do, not always with the best results.

After the university, a Master of Science Degree in Geology culminated a career in the oil and gas industry where I was a national and international Exploration Manager, and today, although no longer working in the oil business, I remain a Certified Geologist and my interest in geology and climate instability is included in my writings and lectures.

In addition and in parallel with the Earth and its functions, I was also interested in human suffering and its causes. At age nineteen I received a powerful insight which showed me I did not have to live in pain and fear; I did not have to suffer, and that is where my personal inner journey began. ReBecoming: The Way of Opportunity® is the result of many years of study, both solitary and with the company of prominant, insightful teachers in several timeless spiritual traditions, and of my own life experiences. I have also become a Personal Trainer and Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist.

Presently, I concentrate on writing, lecturing, and teaching transformational wisdom, and “I’ve found I want to teach what I know, because knowledge is always to be passed along, and truths are always to be shared. Why let someone else suffer from the same affliction?” That’s why it is my sincere wish that as you read and engage the principles in my books that more loving-kindness, compassion, and equanimity comes to you creating the happiest life you have ever imagined.

I have three more books, both fiction and non-fiction, currently in progress, and I am the founder and President of the ReBecoming Foundation®. Please explore the rest of my web site at and like my Facebook page, Choose Kindness Over Rightness.

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